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Thursday, 22 October 2015

How to Install Magento Security Patches? – Beginners Guide

Magento Security Patches are release to cover all the possible identified risk & vulnerabilities in Magento. Updating these patches makes your e-commerce website more secure. Not updating will make your Magento store more vulnerable to attacks. Magento periodically releases security patches which is recommended to be applied to your Magento store as soon as possible.

Below are the Magento security patches available as zip files which can be downloaded using the link below the list:

  • SUPEE 1533
  • SUPEE 5344
  • SUPEE 5994
  • SUPEE 6285
  • SUPEE 6482

Download Zip file with all above patches here
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Things to do before installing the patch:

Before updating anything on your website, please make sure you take a complete backup of your website files and database.

Make sure compilation has been disabled in your store before installing patches and after installation, kindly run the compiler – to take effect of the code patch. You can disable the compilation by going to Magento Admin Panel > System > Tools > Compilation

It’s important to flush the Magento cache before and after applying the patch. Flushing your caches can be done in the Magento admin under System > Cache Management.

Installing the patch:

Check your Magento version by logging into your website admin and identifying the version from the footer of the admin section.

Now extract the files from the relevant zip file for the security patch which match your version of Magento and then upload the extracted files to your website root, overwriting all existing files.

Now run the compiler to take effect of the code of the patch by going to System > Tools > Compilation and clicking on Enable.

Flush the Magento cache after applying the patch by going to System > Cache management and click on 'Flush Magento Cache'.


Only follow these instructions if you know what has been updated on your site as some files that are replaced may have been modified which will effect your website design, only install the patch if you are certain the files being replaced are still the original Magento files (which should be the case if it is a well developed Magento site).