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Monday, 26 October 2015

Why SEO Is Important

Website owners know that search engine optimization (SEO) is important because it drives a lot of traffic onto your website, but are not quite sure what needs to be done to get the results. There is a fair amount of misinformation about SEO and also because once you do start learning about it you don’t know what some of it means or what needs to be done, it is never black and white.

My next few blogs will be based on a few tips on specific SEO practice. This will be a foundation of tips, which when implemented, can make a significant difference. All website design should have these simple tips implemented but you will be surprised on how many don’t! We have selected easy tips to start with because you’re more likely to implement them and start seeing results before you get into the more complex elements.

SEO actually refers to search engine rankings that people click on and not just coming on page 1 of Google search. The information displayed on the search engine results page needs to be useful enough for the person who is carrying out the search wanting to follow the link to your site. In reality you can come to position 1 for a specific search result but people would still click on position 2 as it stands out to them.

Primarily, your website has to be useful for actual human beings. If you keep that in mind as you apply search engine techniques, it will be easier on you and will create better results in the long run.